New Commissioners Say There Are More Pressing Needs Than Baywalk, Riverwalk

Two newly elected commissioners don’t see any urgency to move on a baywalk or riverwalk.

A proposed ordinance that would have accelerated construction was withdrawn on January 11. According to Miami Today, two newly elected commissioners, Joe Carollo and Manolo Reyes, say the city has more pressing needs.

If approved, four to nine “pinch points” along the route from the Julia Tuttle to Brickell would have been closed, by having private property owners grant easements to ease liability concerns. The city would then pay to build, and the cost would be repaid if the properties were developed.

Previously, commissioner Ken Russell said up to $25 million in bonds could be issued to fund construction. Not one commissioner offered a second on Russell’s motion, however.

Miami’s Downtown Development Authority board members said they wanted to continue working to get the proposal passed.