New Design For Collins Park Garage, Replacing Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid’s design for the Collins Park Garage was scrapped by Miami Beach in 2016 after it was deemed to expensive to build.

Now, Miami Beach has a replacement design that they say fits within budget.

Architect Shulman + Associates has designed a garage clad with a perforated metal screen system to block the view of cars from the street. The perforations are shaped include words mixed with random letters.

The garage will include 513 parking spaces, with 15,000 square feet of ground floor retail. The adjacent Liberty Avenue will be either full or partially closed to build a plaza, depending on city preference.

KVC Constructors, Inc. is partnered with Shulman on the design-build package and won the bidding last year with a $22.5m bid.

The Historic Preservation Board is scheduled to review the design on June 11.


scrapped zaha hadid design:

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Glad to see page 27 of the package has the words they plan to use. The second rendering clearly says “LOREM IPSUM,” which is a dummy text. The Zaha garage was cool, but still clearly looked like a garage. This is interesting because the forms look more art museum-esque than a garage. I think Shulman will be able to complete this project well.


Yea this garage design is better.


wow bring back her design, that garage was beautiful and i wish we had that in our city, RIP Zaha…


Not! Zaha’s design was way too overwhelming and still looked like a garage.


Well that’s quite the downgrade from Zaha…albeit better than nothing.


What a serious let down. The design, is a mindless crossword puzzle with some minor LED lighting. They could have keep the perforated panels and washed the facade with LED to create a more interactive lighting solution. Or green the facades in a unique hanging fauna design. This solution is poor and unimanigative. Miami Beach can do better.


another grass garage how original


What a waste. Miami Beach needs some real vision and needs to ween itself off of automotive dependence.


that didn’t take long…




Well, what do you suggest?


Train, bike and bus lanes, protected bike lanes throughout the city.


Which Train…The Brightline?


Build a train from Miami Beach to Miami. It’s not rocket science. Any world class city would have built one 20 years ago.


Why don’t you build it?


Miami Beach has been setting occupancy records in the existing hotels. The supply of hotel rooms has been increasing, The population has been increasing.

But somehow “WE” “NEED” a train to link Miami to Miami Beach?


Do you like sitting in traffic every weekend to cross the causeways? Do tourists?


Maybe we should bid for the Olympics, then we’d have to build mass transit


Go back to Vietnam.


Yes, Because Miami Beach doesn’t need Tourists to visit their City unless they come in The Baylink and the other means of mass transportation which connect the Island with the mainland.


Are you one of the guys on these bikes where you sit half laying down with a helmet including rearview mirrow + a bright red flag attached??


I’ll say Zaha design was beautiful an elegant but with the exposed cars you knew it was a car garage. This design doesn’t look bad,it also hides the cars making it look more like a building. Not as impressive but still pretty impressive for a car garage.


Wait so are these letters static or do they light up intermittently spelling out different things?


It’s no Museum Garage, but still interesting…


Would have loved the ZH design but this will pass. We really need to be looking towards less parking structures and more mobility options (not just Link but all options for people to get around this good city, not great yet but it can be!)

“Great cities:

Are walkable
Encourage density
Provide mobility options (transit, biking, walking)
Are less reliant on motor-vehicles
Have reduced or eliminated minimum parking requirements
So if you want a want a Smart City, start with smarter zoning.” Copied from


Only in Miami Beach are parking garages by starchitects, but actual buildings are by the same-old cartel of mediocrity (Arquitectonica, Kobi Karp, Stantec, etc.).


Not bad. Especially considering the savings. The original design might just find a better venue.


I guess you get what you pay for.



Only good thing about this project is the Schulman+Associates office design
The use of the building — mediocre at best. Years from now our ancestors will laugh at how ignorant we are to the needs of the future – and render these buildings obsolete.

Park on ramp? completely removes this buildings ability to retro-fit to other needs. Why? Why not think more progressively? Revise this and increase floor to slab heights. Your future self will thank you.

–A still concerned Miamian


New plans so pathetic


The Pac Man garage…