New Details On 1,800 Room Marriott Marquis Miami Worldcenter

New details about MDM Development’s planned Marriott Marquis Miami World Center have been obtained by exMiami, ahead of a board review of the project.

  • 54-story, 636-foot tower
  • 1,800 hotel rooms
  • Sky Lobby located on level 4
  • 600,000 square feet of meeting and convention space
  • 80,000 square foot outdoor event space on level 12, along with massive pool area
  • 10 level, 1,250 space parking garage
  • 55 parking spaces for bikes
  • Stairwell passing over FEC (AAF) rail


Crucially, the developers have been unable to buy a 7,507 square foot property at 664 N Miami Ave, which would round out the 4.7 acre site. Architect NBWW has simply designed the project around that missing piece.

The developers have said that they hope to begin construction by year end.




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<5% bike parking is pathetic.


It’s a hotel and conference center. People don’t fly into a city and ride bikes.

It would be one thing if the 55 bike spaces were full and people were complaining. Constant complaining about everything no matter what like this don’t help the biking cause, they make you sound like spoiled brats.


What percent of bike parking do the other buildings in Downtown offer?


I understand the sentiment, but in all likelihood anyone who is visiting and staying in the hotel will use decobike if they are going to bike. Decobike is set to expand to downtown by the end of October and will have their own hubs, so no bike parking required. I really don’t see anyone other than possibly employees utilizing bike parking at a hotel.


Stairwell over All Aboard Florida tracks? Where exactly and going where?


I’m guessing the Overtown Metrorail station.


That would make perfect sense but the blurb is so vague. The curving tracks along the south headed towards the port is also FEC so I’m not sure about that. They should give a hand in redesigning the station since it would be getting a substantial amount of traffic with this connection to the hotel if in fact it is the Overtown station.


anonymous wrote: “<5% bike parking is pathetic."

Well, I'm glad you're satistied with the rest of the 99.9 percent of this project.


Mr. Bashir does sell allot of Perfume in Broward:


Just for the record. Mr. Bashir does not sell perfume in anywhere. Mr. Bashir is retired. I have no idea who came up with this news. Mr. Bashir has a brother that is in the business and Mr. Bashir has no part.


Bashir owns that 664 Plot!


I don’t know. The renderings are kind of vague. I have a bad feeling about this. Not an attractive building at all. Smells like an OMNi Déjà vu ? The Omni had a hold out buyer for years who refused to sell her house across the street from the Grand. They built around her. And we all know what happened to the Omni. Bad Karma.


this is also happened at Rockefeller Center in NYC and we know what has happened with that, the fact is that this happens all the time and in the end the property owners that hold out end up losing because there lots are usually so small that nothing can be developed and the property becomes to hard to sell. If this project is properly designed it should be very successful


Maybe the bike racks will be used by employees of Marriott?

Juan Carlos

1,250 parking spaces immediately next door to TWO metro stations, Metromover, and the future AAF station. Really?! Way too much parking!

How are we to move forward as a city, if we continue to build for cars? We’re not going to become a “global city” if we’re stuck in traffic in cars.

Parking maximums are needed, Miami.


They’re not gullible enough to believe that the county’s inadequate mass transit system would be enough to bring people to and fro from the deepest regions of MiamiDade’s suburban sprawl.


Anyone concerned with over supply? 1,800 rooms seems readily accepted, I would be careful especially with all the additional rooms in the supply pipeline. Also what type of rate will a convention center in downtown Miami demand? If there was a downturn in the economy and over supply, a project like this could be in serious jeopardy.


A whole lot of gloom and doom comments today. The reason why Marriott is building 1,800 rooms is because All Aboard Florida will connect Miami to Orlando and they feel confident the demand will be there. As far as the parking I am sure it has to do with the fact that all this construction will take away a lot of parking lots in downtown. I think this is a great project and will improve the downtown area tremendously!


You’re right Marc305. It becomes annoying sometimes to see people parrot the same nailbiting hysteria bacause they see other people do it on just about anything annouced for Miami.


This hysteria has been going for years. Starting with the Metro Mover that everyone called a “White Elephant”. When the market crashed in 2007 everyone said it would take 10 to 15 for Miami to absorb the empty units in Midtown, Downtown, and Brickell. It took less than 5 and now all the developers are back in full force. These nay-sayers never learn from history and keep “parroting” (as you put it) the same paranoia.


Yeah Marc305, it’s the same parroting being squawked when the Genting Group annouced their plans for casinos on the Miami Herald site and you heard people say “Casinos will bring drugs and prostitution to Miami.”

In the words of Jed Klampit, “The Dickens you say!!!?”