North Miami Is Getting One Of The Largest Swimming Pools In The World

Two of the biggest swimming pools in the world are being built in North Miami.

SoLeMia, the multi-billion dollar project that is currently under construction, will include two 10-acre lagoons on a site that was formerly a toxic waste dump. Those lagoons are actually swimming pools, Curbed wrote.

Guinness World Records says that the largest swimming pool in the world is at the San Alfanso Del Mar Resort in Chile, measuring 20 acres. That pool was built by the same company that is building SoLeMia’s lagoons.

SoLeMia won’t take the record, however, since the two 10-acre lagoons will be separate.

Crystal Lagoons, which is providing the technology, says that salt and brackish water can be used in their pools. Their technology allows for less than 1% of the chemicals in a normal pool, 2% of the energy used by a conventional pool’s filter, and loses less water to evaporation than would be required to irrigate a park of the same size.

A newly released site plan shows that SoLeMia’s retail portion will look more like a suburban strip mall than the walkable ‘New Urbanism’ project once proposed there. Plans include a bowling alley, cinema, sporting goods store, hotel, and car dealership, surrounded by acres of surface parking.