Nader Says Pérez ‘Worst Thing That Happened To Culture In This Town’

Art dealer Gary Nader is lashing out following a Miami Dade College committee ranking of four proposals to develop 520 Biscayne yesterday.

Nader told the Herald that Jorge Pérez “puts his name on a museum that is empty. He hasn’t done anything for that museum. He’s the worst thing that happened to culture in this town because most of the important people in that museum walked away when he put his name there.”

Nader said that the $20 million in cash and $20 million worth of art that Pérez donated to PAMM was insufficient, and that “now he’s trying to stop us” from bringing in competition.

Related Group’s proposal for 520 Biscayne calls for a smaller museum and cultural space than Nader’s Latin American Art Museum.

Although Nader’s proposal was ranked second by a committee, college officials will now open negotiations with both Nader and Related. A decision could come as soon as April 19.