Rappers Say They Are Building A Strip Club On Ocean Drive

Notorious strip club King Of Diamonds is rumored to be opening on Ocean Drive.

  • A press release issued Friday says that King Of Diamonds (owned by rapper Akinyele) is partnering with Atlanta strip club V-Live (owned by Rapper T.I.) on the new Ocean Drive location
  • A web series will document the opening of the new Ocean Drive club. Trailers are supposed to hit the internet today
  • The Netherland at 1330 Ocean Drive is the rumored location
  • Only one commercial space is vacant at The Netherland. It is a 1,670-square-foot condo unit, owned by EDY INC, which operates a chain of tourist shops called Surf Style (including a location just below the vacant unit)
  • Some construction has been seen at the unit over the past month. Permits say the work is to correct a code violation
  • Miami Beach regulations prohibit the opening of a strip club (one location on Washington Avenue is grandfathered in), but some residents fear that the new club will find a loophole

via mayor phillip levine on facebook:

From: Aguila, Raul
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2016 3:31 PM
To: Levine, Philip; Aleman, John; Arriola, Ricky; Grieco, Michael; Malakoff, Joy; Rosen Gonzalez, Kristen; Steinberg, Micky
Cc: Brooks, Kathie; Morales, Jimmy; Taxis, Mark; Torriente, Susanne; Carpenter, Eric; Cardeno, Hernan; Santos-Alborna, Robert; Mooney, Thomas; Oates, Daniel J.; Boutsis, Eve; Boksner, Aleksandr
Subject: 1330 Ocean Drive – Prospective Tenant – King of Diamonds
Importance: High
Mayor and City Commissioners:
The City has received notification of an individual that has acquired the naming rights for the King of Diamonds (KOD), and intends on opening some type of business establishment at 1330 Ocean Drive. The City’s Planning Department has not received an application for the issuance of a Certificate of Use (CU) for this premises. The City has been monitoring this situation in order to ensure that any prospective CU application is in compliance with the City’s Land Development Regulations for that zoning district. Furthermore, the Building Department has previously issued a violation for the unpermitted construction that transpired at the property (in violation of the previously approved construction plans for a restaurant with entertainment). However, that violation has been corrected through the issuance of all appropriate building permits.
The City has notified the Business Operator that adult entertainment establishments are not permitted at this premises pursuant to the City’ s Land Development Regulations.
I have been advised that the City Manager will be returning next week, and will provide you a detailed briefing regarding this matter. In that regard, please refrain from any further written communications surrounding this matter.
Thank you,
Raul J. Aguila, City Attorney
1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: 305-673-7470 Ext 6475 / Fax # 305-673-7002

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5 years ago

been living in s beach since 2000….place is for sale and i hope to move downtown…..i have watched quality of life for residents spiral to new lows…..a true victim of its own success….

5 years ago

Honestly, you’ll get a better show just walking around ouside

5 years ago

Lol at South Beach “spiraling into slum and blight”

5 years ago

It is

(Rolls eyes)
5 years ago

So true.

5 years ago

It will be the crown jewel of the hip hop , rapper riviera that Miami Beach has become. Miami Beach best days (1990’s) are over.

5 years ago

Ocean Drive has over the past few years become a tacky tawdry tourist trap. What a crying shame to bring out of town guests to walk down that street and show off what was once a showpiece.

5 years ago

More garbage.

MIA 8R/26L
5 years ago

I’ve been living on the Beach (South of 5th) since 1999, can anyone here tell me when Ocean Drive was ever anything but a low-end (mid-market at best) tourist trap, Bourban-Street-in-the-making? I’m all for KOD opening on OD and containing the mainstream tourists to that stretch.

(Rolls eyes)
5 years ago

Agreed. South of fifth or gtfo.

5 years ago

Sad news if it comes through. By the grace of God I have learned that ladies are meant to be loved instead of being used.

5 years ago

Whatever the Beach was trashed years ago, total tourist hellhole. What it really needs is a 100-story paperclip with a rotating Dave and Busters at the top. That’s what makes a real city.

5 years ago

Yess!!! Move that garbage to South Beach. Let’s contain the cheesie tourist trap trash to Ocean drive.

5 years ago

Did anybody fact check this information? A simple Google search reveals that these clubs are among the most profitable in the US and cannot possibly be owned by millionaire rappers. More drugs and deaths occur during WMC and ultra but its all white so…

5 years ago

Money laundering which increases the COL for regular citizens = Cool
Strip club associated w/ rappers = instant slum smh lol