Okan Signs Utilities Deal For 70-Story Tower

Okan Tower’s developer has signed a deal with Miami-Dade to connect with the county’s water and sewer system, as the start of construction nears.

Connection charges totaling $1,036,706 will be paid by the developer as part of the deal.

As is standard practice, the connection charge is calculated based on the number of units being connected to the utility system. The agreement states that Okan Tower will include:

  • 2,982 square feet of retail
  • 34,191 square feet of office
  • 8,645 square feet of full service restaurant
  • 300 hotel rooms
  • 370 apartments
  • 15,652 square feet of retail (meeting rooms)

Last week, a consultant working for the developer told The Next Miami that the developer was close to selecting a general contractor from several competing firms.