Okan Tower Developer Requests Expedited Review From Miami’s Building Department

Miami’s Building Department has approved an expedited review for a portion of Okan Tower’s construction permit.

Okan Tower is set to become the tallest in Miami, at 70 stories and 890 feet above ground.

On September 16, contractors applied for a construction permit to begin work on the tulip-shaped tower, and review began.

A few weeks later, the developer requested an “expedited life and safety” review of the permit, due to their construction timeline.

The expedited review was requested on September 27, and approved October 5.

Elements of the permit continued being reviewed by building officials as of last week, records show.

In total, the permit lists an estimated hard construction cost of $159,980,000. The permit also states there will be 316 hotel rooms, 399 residential units, 65,828 square feet of office, and 2,915 square feet of retail.

Suffolk Construction is the contractor.