One Brickell’s Riverwalk, Rental Units, Parking & Other Details

Arquitectonica has released updated renderings of tweaked plans for One Brickell, the three-tower megaproject planned at 444 Brickell Avenue.

Related Group and GTIS Partners bought the property in 2014 for $104 million, with plans to develop the project in phases.

The developer recently told the Miami River Commission that they would consider opening the river walk as part of the first phase of the project on a temporary, five-foot dock behind the property. A 2-story parking garage with no waterfront setback will remain on the site until the second phase of construction begins.

Eventually, a permanent riverwalk which meets minimum requirements will be built.

Related representatives also said that they will be purchasing 868,399 square feet of additional density rights, for which they are considering several options, including a $15 million public benefits contribution. They are also seeking a 30% reduction in parking requirements due to proximity to public transportation.

A Related rep told the commission that the second tower would be built as rentals – unusual for the developer. The remainder of the project consists of condos, hotel and office space.

Full plans:

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6 years ago

A monstrosity. Hideous and out of scale for the neighborhood.

Yet Another Anonymous
6 years ago

Out of scale for the neighborhood? At the border between Brickell and Downtown? Also remember that the rendering is a little exaggerated for effect, it will not loom that much higher than its neighbors.

6 years ago

Apparantly Eon has never been to Miami.

6 years ago

What is Eon all about? this IS the scale of Brickell / Downtown…he must be thinking Kendall.

6 years ago

Nothing has changed. Another set of block, square buildings with no interesting architectural features, other than moving balconies around to create a theme. This is so old, boring and repetitive. Just look at SLS, B. City Center, and all the other Architectonica projects conceived in the last 5 years.

6 years ago

For god’s sake!!! It’s a building, how much variation you get from wall, glass and balconies!!!! become an architect and see how much different you will design!!!

6 years ago

Please ,off course good architect , respect environment and I tell you can do much better that you can see in this project. Otherwise go around the world(Singapure, Hong kong…)and see quality and good ideas.
unfortunately the architect Cesar Pelli not participate in this project as I was originally planned. Because with had we been able to see a good project that respects the environment, good design and it had been an honor to have your signature here in Miami.

6 years ago

This looks great and better than any other building surrounding it. The only people who will have a problem with this are the disgruntled residents of 500 Brickell and Brickell on the River who will clearly have their views completely eliminated. Viceroy, Mynt, and Epic will also be affected but to a lesser degree.

6 years ago

As much as I love new construction, these two buildings are going to add so much more traffic to an already super congested area, the biggest problem being that bridge that goes up many times through out the day. But it is what it is, and that is the price people pay to live in Brickell.

6 years ago

It not the price but the reason people are going to pay to live in Brickell. Look at the downtown in any city and traffic sucks and it’s where the majority of the jobs are located. So people pay a premium to be close to the jobs, restaurants, museums, nightlife, etc.

Would you rather sit in traffic are walk a couple blocks and/or hop on the metromover.

If you don’t work near Brickell then paying a premium to live there isn’t going to make much sense.

6 years ago

From the renderings, the retail looks boring. (Same mistake to the one made in 500 Brickell). Not to the level of Miami’s Park Avenue!!!.

This is the best corner in Brickell. This is Brickell’s Front door… Come on Related…!!!

Let’s built a Retail capable of attracting and hosting the Cartiers or the Louis Vuittons of the world. Brickell Avenue is Miami’s Park Avenue.

6 years ago

Brickell is not Park Avenue. Actually, Miami is really not comparable to New York, it is a different animal altogether. If you want luxury retail, you have the Design District, Bal Harbor, Merrick Park and City Centre. Retail spaces on Brickell are mostly destined to harbor restaurants and neighborhood hangouts.

6 years ago

With Sacks comming to the area along with all the stores from BCC, this area is going to change.
We should make retail that enhances the area. This is a beautiful building with a boring retail.