One Thousand Museum About To Surpass Ten Museum Park

One Thousand Museum is close to overtaking neighboring Ten Museum Park in height.

According to developer Gregg Covin, One Thousand Museum stands at 539 feet above ground as of this morning. Decking is now at level 50, which will place the tower at the 550-foot mark – roughly the same level as Ten Museum Park, Covin Said.

Louis Birdman, Kevin Venger & Regalia Group are also co-developers of the project along with Covin.

At 539 feet, the structure has reached 76 percent of its final planned height.  It is approved by the FAA to be built up to 706 feet above ground, or 709 feet above sea level.

Ten Museum Park is a 50-story building. It was developed by Covin in 2007.


(photo: odp architects)