One Thousand Museum’s Exosekeleton Reduces The Need For Interior Columns, Allows 40-Foot Corner Balconies

One Thousand Museum is being built with an exoskeleton that has both aesthetic and structural benefits, according to the Herald.

The exoskeleton acts as bracing for the tower, allowing engineers to reduce the number of interior columns. That translates into better living space for residents.

Another benefit of this construction method is that it allows 40-foot balconies that jut out from the corners of the building.

The exoskeleton is made in Dubai of glass fiber-reinforced concrete. After 42 days on the seas, it arrives in Miami and prepped for installation. Once installed, concrete is poured inside (the exterior of the panels will remain unpainted.)

The developers say that the novel method hasn’t been used anywhere else “on this side of the world,” shaving six months off construction time. The tower passed the halfway mark in late February, and is scheduled for completion in 2018.


floorplan for unit 5301, asking $20.485M: