Opinion: It’s Time To Tear Down I-95 Through Downtown Miami

Every time we drive on or walk under the stretch of I-95 that runs through downtown Miami, we realize what a horrible roadway it is.

The highway’s overpasses and ramps tear through and divide some of Miami’s most dynamic neighborhoods, creating unnecessary blight. The positives of easier car access are far outweighed by the negatives created by these ramps, including visual and noise pollution.

As Miami continues to develop and become more walkable, it is becoming more evident that this highway will hinder, rather than advance, Miami’s future growth.

It has been almost 60 years since this stretch of highway was built. We are certain that if it was proposed today instead of the 1950s, it would meet fierce resistance and would never be built.

Our opinion: It’s time to tear down the entire stretch of I-95 south of I-395. Doing so would be an incredible triumph for the city, and we hope Miami’s leaders step up.



(photo: florida memory)