Sunny Isles Beach Wants To Build An Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

An outdoor ice skating rink, just steps from the beach?

That is what Sunny Isles is proposing to build at Gateway Park, and it could open within weeks.

The city is now seeking offers from qualified companies to design, build and manage an outdoor ice skating rink. Proposals are due tomorrow, November 9, and proposers are also being asked to provide an offer that includes an indoor alterantive.

The rink is proposed to be open from December 15, 2017 to February 15, 2018 and run seasonally.

Downtown Miami has a bayfront outdoor ice skating rink open annually (photos).



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the Russians and Jews will love it


so true


The Park never opened.. it was finished right before Irma opened and now is used as a dump for debris. The demolished one of Miami’s best whore houses.. for a dump.. and now and Ice Skating Rink? #MADEinDADE


Peak Miami.


I wish I had $100 for every one of these I’ve seen built, open, and then shut down. There’re always those who think this is a great idea until it happen and then it isn’t. The only way I’ve seen these projects succeed is via conversion from ice skating park in winter to jettisoning water fountains in warmer weather. You lay the pads down for the rink. You remove them for the fountain. Yes we’re talking rink-sized fountain. With lots of plumbing. However, you need to plan for the infrastructure that a fountain or several fountains cost in order to have the spectacular results every one demands. But Sunny Isles, more than any other area, has the capital and the planning know how to make it happen.


Downtown should get a rink too.


they do.. it’s just small, crappy and expensive and located outside the Intercontinental Hotel. lolol


Exactly what I was thinking of. Hopefully at world center.


LOL, can we have outdoor A/C?




It will melt won’t it?


If it were tented, it would probably be ok mid-Dec to mid-Feb.
Houston’s Galleria Mall has an indoor rink, and air temperatures there are about the same as outdoor here for that period.


That’s why snow birds love Houston!



It’s not real ice. They use a special combination of dry ice, ice and some hydrogen compound. It takes days to melt.


Girls! Girls! Girls!
At Thee Dollhouse in Sunny Isles!
The doormen wore suits….the girls were USDA Prime

Too bad the Irish pub across the street is gone too….years ago their bartender served up extra special coke