Over 80% Of Hyde Midtown Units Have Already Closed

Just over two months after Hyde Midtown opened, and most units already been closed.

In total, 470 units were built, split between 410 residential condos and 60 hotel units.

As of today, 363 deeds have been recorded in county records, or over 80 percent (there is often a delay in county records). Closing started in late February.

The 60 hotel units were sold to a single buyer for $21.8 million, but the hotel doesn’t appear to be taking reservations yet.

On the MLS, there are 75 units listed as available for rent. There are also also 21 units listed for sale (with some listed both for rent and sale).

Asking prices for units range from $415,000 to $1.3M, while rentals range from  $1,900 to $3,450.

Owners have access to hotel services from Hyde, and can rent the units up to 12 times per year