Over 8,000 Passengers Ride Brightline During Opening Weekend

Brightline has arrived into Miami, and the station at MiamiCentral is now open.

Over 8,000 passengers were expected over opening weekend, COO Patrick Goddard told the Sun Sentinel. All seats were sold out on Saturday and Sunday.

Brightline is said to be the most advanced passenger train service in America, while MiamiCentral will eventually become a major retail, restaurant, residential and office hub in downtown Miami when the first phase of construction is completed.

The company has already invested $200 million in the second phase to Orlando, including land purchases, engineering, design, and permitting, according to the Orlando Sentinel. A Private Activity Bond sale to finance construction was delayed last week, one month after Miami’s own Senator Marco Rubio question the DOT allowing the funding (a lawsuit by governments from the Treasure Coast area is also pending).


360-degree view of one of the first trains into miami: