Over 90% Of Units At Porsche Design Tower Have Been Sold

If you want a condo that has an elevator to bring your car up to your home, your options are dwindling.

Developer Gil Dezer told the AP that over 90% of units at Porsche Design Tower are now in contract. He said that a mailing sent out to 1,500 Porsche enthusiasts netted 62 sales.

Prices for the project’s 132 condo units started at $4 million. Buyers have agreed to place a 50% deposit during construction.

Owners at Porsche Design Tower will drive into an elevator that takes them up to their condo in the tower, which will rise up to 60 floors. The cars will slide directly into a steel-reinforced garage, from which the driver can enter the condo unit.

Most units will also have a 10-by-15-foot stainless steel pool on the balcony. They require special concrete reinforcement, as well as a mechanism to lower the water level in case of a hurricane.

Construction on the building will be completed in 2016.