Owner Of Downtown Parking Lot Seeking FAA Approval To Build 831 Foot Tower

A surface parking lot could become the building site for an 831-foot tower, under a proposal submitted by the owner.

On January 30, the owner of a surface parking lot at 130 SE 1st Street submitted an application to the Federal Aviation Administration requesting approval to build a tower. It proposes a building height of 831 feet above ground, or 840 feet above sea level.

The 23,800 square foot property last sold in 2006 for $6 million. FTP Investment Corporation of San Francisco is the owner.

In 2015, FTP was granted approval by the FAA to build at the same 831 foot height. An extension was granted in 2017, but approval expired in September 2018 due to failure to begin construction.

Centro, a condo built without a parking garage, is across the street from the site.