Panorama Tower Foundation Pour This Weekend: Up To 30 Hours, 1,500 Loads Of Concrete And 62 Cops

Get ready for heavy traffic around the Panorama Tower project at 1101 Brickell this weekend.

Starting on Friday night at 10 p.m., crews will begin a concrete pour that developers say is the largest in Florida history. Some statistics for the pour:

  • 13,600 cubic yards of concrete
  • Provided by five concrete plants
  • Cement trucks will make a minimum of 1,440 round trips
  • 175 cement trucks making at least eight round trips each
  • Over 600 workers
  • 62 police officers controlling traffic
  • Duration of the pour is expected to be 26-30 hours

When complete, Panorama Tower will be the tallest tower in Florida.


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6 years ago

These towers, if not being used as a primary residence are a huge waste of resources and extremely environmentally unfriendly.

6 years ago

Thats a fairly moronic comment.
Quite obviously they are residences, which will be home to many people.

Anytime an article mentions an accolade such as “tallest” or ” most luxurious” some anonymous asshole who knows nothing about real estate has to make up something to complain about.

6 years ago

LOL @ Anonymous – I like what you did there – “some anonymous asshole who knows nothing about real estate has to make up something to complain about”

6 years ago

This one is a rental last time i checked so it will certainly be a primary residence. No one rents a place and doesn’t bother to live in it.

6 years ago

So, in your opinion, a buildig that’s 500ft tall with 300 residential units and sitting on 1 acre of land, is more environmentally unfriendly than 100 one or two story homes that’s sitting on 50 acres of land?

6 years ago

Lol…anonymous is a total socialist commie…you should only invest if he deems it an appropriate use of resources. By the way this building must be LEED Silver or FGBC Certified to get a Miami 21 permit…but anonymous don’t know nothing about that.

6 years ago


Said No One Ever
6 years ago

Hopefully the finishes are as nice as those found at The Club at Brickell Bay, Venetia Condo, or Opera Tower.

Club At Brickell Bay Unit Owner
6 years ago

Lol it pisses me off how ugly my building is on the outside. At least I got prime location….

6 years ago

You are being sarcastic