Panoramic View Inside Dolphins Stadium; Team Has Spent Over $1B On Stadium Since 1985

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said last week that New Miami Stadium will be ready for the team’s preseason opener on September 1, but the cost has risen.

Originally said to cost $350 million, the renovation project is now expected to come in at $500 million.

Part of the expense can be attributed on costs to expedite work. A project that would normally take 12 months to complete is being squeezed into an 8-month period, requiring work 24 hours a day.

The original cost to build the stadium in 1985 was $240 million in 2016 dollars, and another Wayne Huizenga renovation in 2007 cost about $300 million in today’s terms. Between all three construction projects, over $1 billion in construction has been put into the stadium since groundbreaking.


To see a 360-degree panoramic picture from the field, click here