Panthers Win Stanley Cup, Victory Parade Being Planned

The Florida Panthers have won the Stanley Cup. A parade is already being planned.

With the Panthers victory, Miami becomes one of eight major metro areas that have won a title in the four major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB). The others include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Boston.

The Panthers opening seasons took place 30 years ago, at the Miami Arena (demolished in 2008 to make way for Miami Worldcenter).

They moved to Sunrise in 1998.

This year, they opened a modern new training facility in Fort Lauderdale.

A championship parade is planned on A1A in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.


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25 days ago


We love you Panthers!!

25 days ago

Go Cats go!!

25 days ago

Barkov is the goat

25 days ago

For anyone who is old enough, is there a reason why Huizinga moved the team to Sunrise right on the edge of the Everglades? Seems like a terrible location. If the plan was to move the team to Broward, downtown Ft. Lauderdale seems like it would have been a better location.

25 days ago

He thought it would be accessible for Canadian snowbirds inhabiting coastal areas such as Hallandale, Hollywood and Pompano to go to the hockey games Canadians are such big fans of. Truth is, driving from the coast to the edge of the Everglades is a royal pain.

Wayne Huizenga
25 days ago

Wayne Huizenga was a big supporter of Broward County getting a pro team. While Broward has a pro team a block away from its county line (Miami Dolphins),, Huizenga was trying hard to get a multi-sport complex to house the Marlins and Panthers in Broward County.

The Miami Arena’s primary tenants, the Heat and Panthers, were very successful in the mid-90s, but the stadium, barely 8 years old and only seating around 14,000, was seen as very unsuitable to the growing attendance numbers for both teams. There was talk of building a new stadium. Outright, Heat owner Mickey Arison said the Heat will not share a new stadium with a hockey team, which forced Huizenga to look elsewhere. In 1999, the AAA opened, being designed exclusively for basketball and concerts. If the Panthers played at the AAA in its current design, they would have a Barclays Center debacle.

After five successful years in the Miami Arena, in 1997 Broward County agreed to build the Broward County Civic Arena in the sleepy western Broward suburb of Sunrise, in an effort to boost development in the area (Sawgrass Mills was built for the same reason in 1990). Huizenga’s Panthers were to be their primary tenant.

25 days ago

Cheap land, sweetheart deal from Broward County, and across the street from a crappy outlet mall.

Stanley C
25 days ago


Adam pollack
25 days ago

The Miami Heat wanted a basketball only arena and at same time broward had land for the arena specially with a larger population of Canadians

24 days ago

LFGGGGGGGGG SOUTH FLA IS for CHAMPIONS. As a lifelong Panthers fan, this day couldn’t come any sooner!

25 days ago

Broward news? yawn

25 days ago

Triggered by Broward’s success = insecure Miamian