Permit To Begin Construction At 40-Story Worldcenter Tower Extended Yesterday

Miami Worldcenter moved to keep a pending construction permit alive yesterday by requesting it remain active.

The construction permit for a second Caoba tower (also known as Block G Phase 2) was extended after having no activity for months, city records show. Worldcenter representatives said that action was taken to prevent expiration.

An actual pull of the permit is pending financing, a note says.

Construction will include a 40-story tower with 411 apartments and 4,103 square feet of ground floor retail. New parking will not be built, as the tower shares a podium and garage with the first Caoba tower.

Cohen Freedman Encinosa is the architect, as with the first tower.

Coastal Tishman is listed as the contractor. Total construction value is listed at $83 million.


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Honestly, most of us were fooled by the renderings that had us thinking that both towers would be constructed at the same time.


its 2019 stop thinking a rendering is what you get


Well looking at the first tower, it looks better than the other two towers proposed, not to mention the mediocre convention center Marriott. The crown makes all the difference.


Lol IF the Marriott ever even happens… We’ve seen, like, what 3 different scaled back proposals now?


“Stop thinking a rendering is what you get?”

If you’ve been paying attention, there have been a lot of proposals with renderings that were canceled. This project was announced and ground was broken to start construction just like other projects. It’s not up to me or anyone else to doubt that the renderings we see is what developers will do. No matter what you think, the developers do build what we see in the renderings presented to us with just a very few being slightly the exception.

Next time, try to examine the situation deeper before spouting off.


Who would want to rent @ Caoba knowing that the 2nd tower will be built directly adjacent to their pool deck?

Obviously money was an issue, but these should’ve been built in tandem…


This is why they’re giving two months free rent in the first tower, they know people wouldn’t want to live next to a construction site so close that concrete is going to rain on the pool deck and they will construction noise on Saturday.


What’s the problem? People will be at work when the construction happens. Oh, it’s in City of Miami where they allow work starting at 4am into the night and on Saturday and Sunday.

Yeah, even 2 free months wouldn’t be enough.


for some reason this week, I have noticed an uptick in construction starting at 11 pm downtown!


I noticed they have alot of promos for two months free rent so i’m not sure if the developer and the management agency are doing well financially.


Two months free rent is standard these days. Get people in and roll them into the higher rent when they renew.


Aside from the fact their rents are extremely high for what it is.


For the price in rent they want, this is a tough market.


Anyone know how to look up this info in city records?