Photo: FBI’s New High-Tech Headquarters In Miramar Looks Just Like Rendering

Below, a photograph of the new Miami FBI Headquarters building that looks nearly identical the rendering (except for the barbed wire fence).

The building cost $190 million and has a dynamic high tech skin that responds to the location of the sun. It was built as part of federal guidelines that require zero net energy use by 2030.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Hill.


PreviouslyFBI’s $190M ‘Net Zero’ Miami Headquarters Gets High-Tech Skin



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7 years ago

Part of the police state to be used against YOU.

7 years ago

Troll somewhere else.

7 years ago

so lets see—this is a $1000/square foot building–300% more than the highest price office building in Miami—-designed so it doesn’t use $10/ft in power? Gotta love government work…..

7 years ago

That is very funny actually…

7 years ago

‘Rithmetic anyone? It’s a 475,000 SF building. If it cost $190 mill, that’s $400 a square foot. Not cheap, but not $1,000 either. Did I miss something?

7 years ago

Apologies–I thought it was under 200,000 feet—-let me rephrase my post then—

so we now have the government spending $400/foot on an office building—–which is only 100% more than the highest price building in Miami–and this isn’t a 60 story tower either….still gotta love government work—nice building though..

7 years ago

Plenty of office space has sold at $400/sf during the last boom. Heck I know the Miami Center sold for close to that in 2012 and prices have gone up since then. And these are regular office spaces, not energy efficient ones that will save you money year after year or spaces with state of the art IT and security features needed for the FBI.

I’m not defending everything the government does however as usual most people are the internet are complaining about things they don’t know much about.