Photo: Removal Of Old Radio Tower Behind Herald

Below, photos of the radio tower behind the former Herald building being taken down.


PreviouslyRadio Tower Behind Herald Building To Be Removed In July


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7 years ago

Wow, the end of an era. When I first moved to Miami and moved into the Venetia Condo, this tower was right in front of my balcony. I hope something nice gets built where the Miami Herald building used to be.

7 years ago

Unfortunately, nothing nice will be there…Genting is gearing up for a Casino, or pseud-Casino that will attract low-life’s, vagrants, pimps and ponzi schemes. Sell your property while you can.

7 years ago

It’s Still there :-/

7 years ago

Why is everyone on these treads so negative? First of all I have not lived at the Venetia in years, that was just a comment of something I owned when I first moved to Miami. Second of all, why do you assume that only low life vagrants, pimps, and ponzy schemers would go to a casino. I go to The Hard Rock in Hollywood as well as Gulfstreem Casino in Hallandale all the time and always have a great time. My friends and I do not gamble but we do enjoy the restaurants, bars, comedy clubs, and shows that they have. If done right Genting would be a nice addition to the water front.

7 years ago

Excuse me….. Genting is not bringing what you described…. it is already around the area????

7 years ago

I’m not suggesting the Herald Building and the WQAM tower should not be torn down, time moves on.

But, it’s somewhat saddening to see the staff writer’s unnecessary subjective comments in a previous story here about this, and the absence of historical perspective or compassion in the comments.

The Herald building and WQAM represented very popular mass media communications for Miami residents for many years. If you are lucky enough to live a long life…