Photos: Art Week Takeover Of Historic Downtown Miami Properties, Including Mana-Owned Buildings

Downtown Miami has come alive for Miami Art Week.

The former La Epoca department store (in a historic structure built by Walgreens in 1936) is hosting Juxtapoz. Stambul will soon develop the property into a food, beverage and entertainment complex:

Across the street, the DuPont Building is hosting a small fair called Prizm:

Moishe Mana has opened many of his properties in the Flagler Street area to artists:

At Mana’s Flagler Station property, an entire fake mini-mart has been created:

Raw Popup has taken over 2 stories and 43,000 square feet at the abandoned Burdines (later Macy’s) department store, owned by Aetna Realty Group:

Among the exhibits inside is a pop up archive with copies of the Burdines archive material housed at HistoryMiami, curated by architect Glenda Puente and Arianne Kouri: