Photos: Crane Mishap At Paraiso Bay Construction Site

A reader witnessed a crane swinging out of control at Paraiso Bay last week.

Yesterday, March 24th, I witnessed a very serious accident at the Paraiso Bay site and am writing because I’ve yet to see any coverage of it. I live nearby as you can determine from the attached pictures and around 10am I noticed something looked out of control at the very top of the Paraiso tower that is farthest along (approximately 45 stories). The crane was holding a very large wall frame that is hauled up and down regularly. But for some reason, it got loose and the conveyor belt that runs along the gantry to haul loads out and in all of a sudden it shot all the way to the end and you could hear the whole structure buckle from the enormous torque. Then the load (the frame which is composed of metal and concrete and must weigh a few tonnes) started to swing as it was dangling about 20 stories up so a good 20-25 stories from the top of the crane and thus under HEAVY tension. It slammed into one of the other cranes being used for another of the towers and you could see workers scrambling everywhere. It hit the other crane right near the operators booth and then swung back and barely missed hitting the first tower from which it was hanging. It finally came to balance in between the two building sites but they were unable to lower it for most of the day. The angle is blocked for me so I can’t say what current status is – I am hopeful and believe that nobody on either site was injured – for which they are beyond lucky as this could have been far worse.