Photos: Perkins+Will’s Recently Completed Baptist Health Facility In Miami Beach

In South Beach, architect Perkins+Will designed a facility for Baptist Health at 709 Alton Road that opened over the summer.

The four-story, 60,000-square-foot complex includes urgent care, diagnostic and an outpatient center. Wellness features are also built in, including rooftop yoga.

At the building’s base, a main street of retail was built to integrate with the community setting, with two levels of parking above.

Russell Galbut’s Crescent Heights is the developer.


(photos: robin hill)

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This will remind everyone how fair their healthcare bill is as they leave the facility.


B E A Utiful

A. Nonymous

I like the corner view especially and the planted roof. Hope folks get to go up there.


I fail to see an issue with the height. Maybe across the street and a few blocks away it could be taller, but where and what it is fits the neighborhood’s character and scale, and serves a purpose.


It’s really nice.


MDC Kendall 2.0


See, he can build within the scale of the community. Not sure why he needs a 519 foot tower a block south.


Cause it’s needed


¿Por Que?


“Not sure why he needs a 519 foot tower a block south.”

Hope your life won’t be cut short if you drive past that 519 foot tower.


Is there a scale ratio recommend or you just like to keep Miami looking like a small suburban town?


What would you call Paris then? Or DC?


Frank and Gale cry baby obstructionists


Hi Russel!

An Opinion

Actually it’s no more than 4/5 stories is the ideal scale to keep a sense of “neighborhood”. Look it up. Just sayin.

Having said that, the interior of MB should stay height restricted whereas the perimeter there shouldn’t be restrictioned. The 519 foot tower isn’t out of scale where it is proposed.


It’s across the street.


That would be like women saying “six inches is the ideal length to keep a sense of manliness.”