Photos: This Is What A Record-Breaking Day At PortMiami Looked Like, With 52,000 Cruise Passengers

This past Sunday was a record-breaking day at PortMiami.

An estimated 52,000 cruise passengers arrived and departed on that day – more than any other day in history.

The ships in port on December 9 were:

  1. Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Horizon
  2. Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Magic
  3. Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic
  4. FRS Caribbean San Gwann
  5. MSC Cruises MSC Divina
  6. Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Getaway
  7. Oceania Cruises Oceania Riviera
  8. Royal Caribbean International Empress of the Seas
  9. Royal Caribbean International Allure of the Seas

“It’s definitely a busy time for PortMiami,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez. “I want to welcome all cruise visitors to Miami-Dade County and encourage them to explore all that our community has to offer. Cruise passengers are essential to the continued growth and development of the tourism industry in Miami-Dade and contribute millions of dollars to our local economy annually. That includes air travel, hotel nights, entertainment and shopping.”

Miami has been “The Cruise Capital of the World” for many years, but has seen cruise lines ramp up service recently with bigger ships and new terminals.


(photos: provided by portmiami)

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I drove by that Sunday morning. I remember thinking what an impressive sight! Our skyline is one of the most in the world and growing!


Just wait till these 1,000+ footers pop up!!!


And wait till skyrise blocks views shm


womp womp womp about the skyrise. How is that thin and tall observation deck going to block anything. The Skyrise will improve the views and it’s a much needed addition to the skyline.


Logistically these will eventually pay dividends. All the spots for these passengers to spend their money are a 5-10 minute Uber away


And the train service by Brightline to Orlando will only enhance the experience.


Or if instead of an Uber ride, we could provide these people with top notch public transportation (not buses) it would be even better. We should improve the metromover, especially we should connect it to south beach!


Obligatory, we need an east-west Metrorail extension from Government Center Station to PortMiami cruise terminals and Miami Beach comment.


This is huge and not sure why it hasn’t been done. I’m gonna guess taxi mob prohibited but now with Uber and lyft having broken up that control it may be worth revisiting


The way that I read the article above is that a record 9 ships and 52,000 people come through the port. NEED an east-west Metrorail from Government Station to PortMiami.
I don’t think so.
Seems like 52,000 people figured out how to in and out of the Port just fine.
You WANT it maybe.


Add more state of the art terminals and the numbers can only grow.


Tourism $$$




We don’t need amazon. We’re the cruise capital of the world and growing in that industry every year (ie virgin cruises) in regards to emoloyment and tourist revenue.


well we need other kind of jobs too, especially in technology. we can’t just rely on tourism. Hopefully, if we improve our school system by creating better talent and if improve walkability and public transportation, those jobs will come, as well.


Thank you for being a forward thinking Miami resident. Hopefully this city diversifies itself and opens up to a smarter way to develop the city in response to both our domestic and international markets.


Except Amazon would’ve brought skilled, high-paying tech jobs. And the cruise lines only bring in low-paying service industry jobs.

So no. Go away.

I love Edgewater

Miami will be the next Dubai by 2030, it took dubai to transform 5 years, I’ll give Miami 12 years.