Planning Director: No Decision Yet On Whether Fairholme Fortress Compatible With Miami 21

Miami planning and zoning director Francisco Garcia is now working on a way to reconcile Arquitectonica’s proposed Fairholme headquarters with the Miami 21 zoning code after initially balking, according to an article by Andres Viglucci and Hannah Sampson in the Miami Herald.

Although at first glance the building design might not be compatible with pedestrian-friendly Miami 21 code, Garcia is considering looking at the building as a sculpture, and the raised plaza as a base for the artwork. Garcia’s comments in the Herald hint that he is leaning towards granting approval.

Raymond Fort, who is the son of Arquitectonica founder Bernardo Fort-Brescia, is in charge of design. Fort and Fairholme’s Bruce Berkowitz chose a concrete exterior because it acts as an appropriate backdrop for a Richard Serra sculpture that will be placed in front of the building, and because Berkowitz likes the material.


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