Plans Submitted To City For Modera Biscayne Bay, A 29-Story Apartment Tower In Edgewater

Mill Creek Residential has submitted plans to build Modera Biscayne Bay to Miami city officials for review.

Modera is proposed to include:

  • 29-story tower
  • 296 apartments
  • 425 parking spaces in an eight story garage
  • 11,607 square feet of ground floor retail

The project is seeking a waiver for an 11% reduction in parking, or 52 spaces less than required by zoning code. Under Miami 21 zoning law, up to a 30% reduction in parking may be granted due to the project’s proximity to Biscayne Boulevard, which is considered a major transit corridor with multiple public transit routes (including bus service).

Unity on the Bay, a church, will be demolished to make way for the project.

The proposal was scheduled to be heard by Miami’s Urban Development Review Board on October 17.

Corwill is the architect.


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Excellent. Fill out the coast so the density can finally start creeping West, ultimately linking Wynwood seemlessly.


Yes.. this is also a beautiful building.


Come to think about the density will continue from the bay to wynwood in about ten years since wynwood is building more and more apartments.

A. Nonymous

Glad it will link N Bayshore through to 22nd Street.




The views from this building will be dramatic. Great location.


More of these projects coming to Edgewater.


The building is a nice filler for the area.


Nice infill and glad more projects in edgewater have retail.


Boy its so sad to see such an “ugly” building go up, I am going to miss all those homeless people sleeping on the street and near the church at night when I am walking my dog. Who wants retail, street life and landscaping in lieu of a dark parking lot and vagrants? Not me


Still don’t understand how the Mill Creek Modera Riverhouse project – on the river, and only a few blocks east of River Landing – NEVER received an article on this site. But other Mill Creek Modera projects do.

Or the Riverview One project in east Little Havana/”West Brickell” (lol), or the new apartment one block northwest of there on 8th Ave and 2nd/3rd St.


Modera Riverhouse is a solid looking project too! Shame that we don’t see much news about it, but alas, it isn’t in Brickell/Downtown or tall enough for the fan boys to fawn over.


I feel like any project of that size (it spans across 3 blocks), on the river, and between the “civic center” area and downtown should be covered.

As should those FIU apartment buildings in Sweetwater. I’m not talking about small scale projects by any means.


The places where the majority of the population lives are not “cool” enough to be covered. Instead, make room for news about some dirt moved on a vacant lot and B.S. left-wing politics.


Ahhhh poor baby. Hey TNM, start doing your best at reporting something that appeases and quiets these right-wing crybabies please.


cry babies ? He is actually talking about leftist areas not being covered. Of course you all don’t want to hear about the real Miami.


“leftist areas?”

Glad you have the ability to ascertain what the political persuasion of different areas in Miami are. Makes it easier for you to find your own niche huh?


Out of all of the generic looking apartment buildings in Miami, Mill Creek seems to turn out some of the better looking ones. It’s not high end design, but then again, that isn’t their goal/market.


Some Russians need to buy that building and parking lot across the street and right on the corner of the water to replace it with something like Una.




Such a great example of “meh” design. Love it.


This would be one of the best Highrises in Fort Lauderdale lol


I like it. It’s better than what Related built up the road.


You mean Meh-Mo?
See what I did there????

Ding Dong

This is kind of an ugly tower!


The beautiful old mansion part of the church is being destroyed, for a PARKING GARAGE. If giant parking garages don’t bother you now, this should! A city with sane leaders would have landmarked the mansion and carriage house ten years ago. The developer would’ve done something like Paramount, except not accidentally collapse a crane on it.

Joni Mitchell

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
‘Till it’s gone


But I don’t mind
this being paved
over to put up
an apartment
with a parking lot.


A bunch of downvoters who don’t care about history, go figure.