Port Tunnel Declared A Great Success; Cargo Volume Up Double Digits

Miami Access Tunnel CEO told the Herald earlier this month that the PortMiami tunnel can be considered a ‘great success’ after the first year of operations.

80 percent of cargo trucks heading to the port have been using the tunnel rather than clogging downtown streets. In total, an average of 14,000 vehicles use the tunnel every day, a figure which includes cruise ship traffic.

Around 400 incidents have been logged in the tunnel – mostly accidents, along with one police chase. Despite those incidents, traffic has generally been flowing smoothly.

Construction costs for the privately built $643 million tunnel came in $90 million below budget.

Cargo traffic at the port is near record levels and has been increasing at double digit rates recently. Port officals expect that growth to continue when a dredging project is completed this month, and several cargo alliances are now in talks to establish new service.


(photos:philip pessar/flickr)

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6 years ago

Let’s now build the Downtown-Brickell tunnel.

6 years ago

I recently spoke to a city planner whose manager was involved in the creation of this tunnel. She said that unfortunately there are no plans on the table to create a Downtown-Brickell tunnel at this moment. We can only hope that sometime in the future it will be considered again.

Will I Am
6 years ago

The CEO needs to be a bit more specific if you ask me. This project had a hugggge change order from the start – what is the real budget then?

I don’t think this came in under budget, unless the huge change order for Nicholson to pump grout into the seabed for 60+ Million ( http://goo.gl/HuoaPl ) was added to the budget (after the fact)..

Miami Today http://goo.gl/lFxoh1
The project’s original construction cost was set at $643 million, but about another $60 million was spent to solidify the ground around the tunnels with grout to provide a more supportive structure for the boring and to ensure the tunnels remain water-tight, Mr. Hodgkins said. The extra money was taken from a contingency fund set up for additional costs that came up during construction

Chairman Martinez questioned why this resolution had no fiscal impact if work to grout the sub-surface rock layers below the channel was being added to the original scope of work.

What they actually did:
Nicholson was awarded the grouting contract in August 2011 and began mobilization in October. The project involves the drilling of more than 1,000 grout holes and about 93,000 lf of grouting, for a total estimated volume of 107,000 cu yd of grout.

6 years ago

Let us not forget that the companies that built it, negotiated huge maintenance contract. Most likely shuffled monies into that pool and pay it from operating.