This Is The Preliminary Route Of A Light Rail System That Will Connect Midtown Miami To South Beach

A light rail system that extends from the Design District through Midtown Miami, Downtown Miami, and across the causeway to Miami Beach could enter the PD&E phase within months.

The system will be compatible with the wireless streetcar system in Miami Beach, but won’t come online as quickly. The reason: Miami-Dade County is taking the lead for the mainland system, and wants to get federal funding to build it. The federal funding process requires several years of studies, and Miami Beach decided to jump-start their side and move forward without it.

The mainland system would start in the Design District, eventually heading into South Beach over the MacArthur Causeway.

A second phase of the Beach system would run up Collins Avenue and over the Julia Tuttle Causeway, creating a loop.

Miami-Dade’s Metropolitan Planning Organization is expected to vote to approve the 2-year Project Development and Environment phase of the mainland system later this month.


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Why do we have to be so CHEAP!! Bond it or private public partnership and get this done. This city is so behind in terms of public transport we cant afford a 2 year study. then another 3 years for build time.


We’d be lucky for it to take only 5 years.


I know its just a dream to have this in 5 years but as citizens we need to push for the services that we want for our city, and i think Public Transportation is coming to the forefront of most politicians agendas.


I’m ok with the delay.

Miami Dade has a TON of transportation infrastructure work it needs to do and the more financial help it can get the better.

Those 2 years to complete the study aren’t going to make any significant difference longterm.

Yet Another Anonymous

With the second phase over the Tuttle, this would be a great loop. It hits up so many important areas and connections.


That route would be pretty much useless for all the new units going up in Edgewater. Too far west. I know they are trying to serve both Wynwood and Edgewater with a single line but wouldn’t NE 2nd AVE be a better compromise? Its farther from Wynwood but Edgewater has much higher density and would actually support the necessary ridership.
The biggest issue is the stupidity of dead ending once it gets to the beach forcing a transfer to a different indepedently run system to get around once on the Beach.


The systems will be compatible.


I do agree that NE 2nd ave would be a better location for the north line.


The miami beach and downtown systems will use the same systems.


Sure, I’d personally like NE 2nd Ave more, but you’re talking about the difference of a block or two. At the end of the day, being within 1 mile of transit is considered close, and N. Miami Ave is .5 of a mile (or about 5 blocks). If you expect to get picked up at your door, take an Uber.


Edgewater and Biscayne is already served by the free Trolley and Metromover.. The proposed route is great for Wynwood growth.


Edgewater, especially the newer buildings, is not served by the Metro, and the Trolley is subject to traffic. Wynwood has no actual density and is essentially now just a tourist trap. Edgewater is poised to become the second-densest neighborhood in Miami.


Totally agree


LOL – Wynwood a tourist trap! More like a hipster trap.

Density is actually growing quickly in Wynwood. And don’t forget Mid-town, lots of condos and apts already there, and more on the way. Would be nice to put those commutes into mass transit rather than the roads.

Too bad something (an elevated) wasn’t proposed that could have been installed when Biscayne Blvd was just redone. Cheers


This shouldn’t be 3 different transit systems. Metrorail. Miami BayLink. MB line. It should all be one system that connects. This is horrible.
New Yorkers did this 100 yrs ago when they built the subway system in a much bigger city. It’s beyond me. Moreover…..2 year study? To determine what? That transportation is chaotic? We all know that already…. Be progressive and show the rest of America what a CITY can do….


Although this looks promising, I have been hearing this song and dance since I first got into Real Estate and that was back in 2000! marc is right we will be lucky to get this in 5 years.


Think of the future.. Affordable, non-waterfront market-rate buildings full of actual locals, up and down Miami Avenue, stimulated by the new public transportation options linking shopping (Midtown), entertainment (Wynwood) and jobs (Downtown) on one route. All the 1%ers in the new waterfront condos wouldn’t be caught dead in public transportation anyway.


A lot of renters in those projects, who would use public transportation. Cheers


I own in one of those new, waterfront buildings, and I’d take public transportation. Plenty of 1%ers around the world that take public transportation. No need to generalize and stereotype because you’re salty


There will surely be more stops than the dots, right?


How does this get a thumbs down? If it’s an ignorant comment because there are more stations, please elaborate. If you somehow find it positive to only have two Miami stations and lose the opportunity of connecting areas that sorely need connection, then drive back to the ‘burbs.


Take the line up Biscayne to about 20th St then loop west through Wynwood and the Design District. This would serve Edgewater as well as Wynwood.


Hopefully they’re smart enough to incorporate a future TriRail changeover or two into the street car stops/route.


I’d like to see this continue a little further north to serve Mimo residents

South of 5th

Alstom was just fined by the United States Department of Justice in the largest Bribary and Corruption Scandal in World History $772,000,000 fines.


Bienvenido a Miami


I hope Mayor Levine doesn’t do business with this corrupt company. If he does it would say a lot his own business practices and ethics.

Concerned Miami Beach

He just selected Alstom yesterday without evening negotiating a price.

Miami Beach has Issues

Mayor Phillip Levine and the Miami Beach City Commission hired this corrupt company yesterday without ever seeing any financial information. They were provided a choice to negotiate with the top three companies and chose to sole source to Alstom.


It doesn’t look like the north run is using the old RR right of way – wouldn’t that make sense?

Also, will the line be elevated on the MacArthur Causeway? What about the proposed redo of the elevated section of 395?

Seems like a lot of moving pieces.

Not many comments on the beach side of the line. Cheers


These good ideas would be more feasable if we didn’t have a governor who turned down money when offered be the government just to show off that he’s a good conservative. He sho mismanaged his company and ran away with his self acquired a golden parachute from the same. I do appreciate the smart thinking people who have foresight to greater Miami


Or he might have done it to help out his buddy that owns All Aboard Florida. Choo choo

Corrupt Miami Beach

The company Alstom that the City of Miami Beach just agreed to begin negotiations with (without considering price) is a proprietary system and has never opened up to third party providers. There will be no connection to Miami Beach using Alstom.


its ridiculous that a supposed world class city like Miami is still studying plans and has been since the early 90’s on something so obvious for crying out loud even Atlanta has 4-6 metro lines, my god the Dominican republic built 2 subway lines that are long with bridges over rivers and is planning a sky gondola. this city is so backwards.


Ok,It’s finally moving forward,so everybody calm down,take a deep breath and hold it for another 5 years of studies, public hearings,
Anyway, who needs mass transit when we have such a beautiful I-95 with 6 thousands potholes on it,and of course these famous
dividing poles nobody cares about.


Include Wynwood.


Very dumb comment. It is literally bisecting Wynwood.


It doesn’t bisect Wynwood. It’s pretty much the eastern boundary of Wynwood.


It is Bisecting Wynwood.

Hialeah Hillbilly

Where is Wynwood