Prices At Missoni Baia In Edgewater Will Average $900 Per Square Foot

Condo units at Vladislav Doronin’s Missoni Baia residential tower will be among the priciest in Edgewater.

Doronin’s OKO Group expects to sell the project’s 146 units at an average price of $900 per square foot, according to a recent WSJ article. That price exceeds those at the nearby 100-unit Elysee tower, which has an average price of $750 per foot.

Missoni Baia is expected to begin construction this year. Doronin said that he would break ground on two other towers in Brickell next year, including a 613-foot, 48-story tower at 175 SE 25th Road and a 712-foot tower at the 830 Brickell site.