Private Detectives Have Been Spying On MDC’s 520 Biscayne Counsel

Private detectives have been following a lawyer representing Miami Dade College as she drove around town, it has been disclosed.

The bizarre revelation comes as the college continues negotiations with three developers who hope to build on the 520 Biscayne property.

According to a memo issued today, the private investigators followed Bilzin Sumberg partner Suzanne Amaducci and claimed to have seen her visit the home of Related Group president Lissette Calderon.

The detectives observed Amaducci as she dropped off her child at the home of Calderon on several occasions. Their children are friends and attend the same school, the memo states.

Amaducci is representing the college as outside counsel for 520 Biscayne, and did not disclose the meetings with Calderon. Related Group is one of three teams now competing for the property.

The private detectives have so far refused to disclose who hired them, but if it was a competing bidder it would disqualify them for breaking the “Cone of Silence.”

Gregg Covin, who is one of the remaining bidders, told TNM that “MDC isn’t saying who hired the private detective but you can be assured that I wouldn’t do that, Susan represents many people I respect and I know her to be irreproachable.”

MDC’s committee overseeing the process met on June 3 to discuss the allegations, and decided to continue with the process as scheduled.


Update: Gary Nader tells TNM that “I’m sure the college will do the right thing and the appropriate authorities will handle the matter efficiently.”



the memo: