Production Piles Are Now Underway At Twin Downtown 5th Towers, Each Will Rise 53 Stories

The twin Downtown 5th towers are now moving to the next phase of foundation work.

Contractor L&R Structural Corp. wrote on social media yesterday that production piles are now underway at the construction site.

The project is the biggest ever for developer Melo Group, which has a reputation for building fast.

Downtown 5th will include two 53-story tower, each rising 502 feet. In total, 1,042 residential apartments will be built in the two towers.

A parking garage will top off 14 stories above ground, and include space for 1,049 cars.

On the ground floor, a total of 12,506 square feet of retail or commercial space is being built. Miami Worldcenter is nearby with several hundred thousand square feet of retail.

Melo’s in-house team is the architect of Downtown 5th.


(photo: l&r structural)