Newly Proposed 179-Room Hotel ‘Could Be Catalyst For North Beach’

Collins & 72nd Developers, LLC is proposing a hotel at 7140 Collins Avenue and surrounding properties.

In a letter to city officials, the developer says that the project could be a catalyst for North Beach:

The Applicant proposes to develop the Property with a 179-room hotel that has 2,366 sqft of meeting rooms and a 134-seat bar/lounge in the hotel and 23,753 sqft of ground floor retail facing Collins Avenue, 72nd Street and Harding Avenue (the “Project”). The required parking for the Project will be provided in a 141-space parking garage located on-site. The entrance and exit to the parking garage is located on Harding Avenue and so is the access to the loading zones and valet drop-off and pick-up driveway. The parking garage uses car elevators instead of ramps and it also uses mechanical parking lifts in some of the spaces. The mechanical parking systems require a conditional use permit. Access to the garage will be by valet only.

The Project is the first major redevelopment project in the Town Center area of North Beach in many years. The Project has the potential to serve as a catalyst for the North Beach Town Center neighborhood, which has lacked investment. The Project has been designed to be consistent with the North Beach Master Plan prepared by Dover Kohl.


The project will be built around the Denny’s restaurant, which will be closed for two months to allow work. It is also the first to take advantage of newly increased height limits for the area.

Companies controlled by Silvia Coltrane, Alex Blavatnik and several other partners all have stakes in the project.

Revuelta is the architect.