Newly Proposed 179-Room Hotel ‘Could Be Catalyst For North Beach’

Collins & 72nd Developers, LLC is proposing a hotel at 7140 Collins Avenue and surrounding properties.

In a letter to city officials, the developer says that the project could be a catalyst for North Beach:

The Applicant proposes to develop the Property with a 179-room hotel that has 2,366 sqft of meeting rooms and a 134-seat bar/lounge in the hotel and 23,753 sqft of ground floor retail facing Collins Avenue, 72nd Street and Harding Avenue (the “Project”). The required parking for the Project will be provided in a 141-space parking garage located on-site. The entrance and exit to the parking garage is located on Harding Avenue and so is the access to the loading zones and valet drop-off and pick-up driveway. The parking garage uses car elevators instead of ramps and it also uses mechanical parking lifts in some of the spaces. The mechanical parking systems require a conditional use permit. Access to the garage will be by valet only.

The Project is the first major redevelopment project in the Town Center area of North Beach in many years. The Project has the potential to serve as a catalyst for the North Beach Town Center neighborhood, which has lacked investment. The Project has been designed to be consistent with the North Beach Master Plan prepared by Dover Kohl.


The project will be built around the Denny’s restaurant, which will be closed for two months to allow work. It is also the first to take advantage of newly increased height limits for the area.

Companies controlled by Silvia Coltrane, Alex Blavatnik and several other partners all have stakes in the project.

Revuelta is the architect.



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I Love it !
Great project ! North Beach has been abandoned for many years.


North beach already has life and it is the last remnant of Miami Beach that hasn’t been turned into Disney World. Keep this crap in South and Mid Beach.


I really hope this gets built. Hopefully the city supports this as it would really bring to life the north beach master plan that has been in the works for a long time.

James Cohen

Looks amazing to me ! North Beach is a dump that is in desperate need for many more project like this


north beach is awful. over rated. I really hate the way the City as a whole has diverted so many funds towards the redevelopment north beach at the expense of other parts of the city like Lincoln road which sorely needs some help and is vastly more important to the city as a whole. the mayor’s blue ribbon council is nothing more that a group of north beach real estate brokers using the city planning and zoning rules to create downward pressure on property values by limiting development and thereby allowing them to pick these properties at discount prices. now it looks like they have their monopoly and so you will begin to see the values increase but for the benefit of a few and subsidized by all.

paul richards

Your statement doesn’t agree with facts. What funds have been diverted? The city is spending $40 million to revamp Lincoln Rd. The city spent $150K on the master plan. Zoning rules are what limit development, the City commission voted in favor or increasing the FAR at Ocean Terrace but the voters rejected it.


when you consider the money spent on the north beach bandshell renovation, the north beach park improvements, the north beach park building, the north beach domino pavilions, the north beach trolley, the renovation of the north beach fountain all those projects add up. the master plan is only the latest in what has been a decade long focus on making north beach something it is not. desirable. you can put all the lipstick you want on the pig but it is still a pig at the end of the day. inefficient use of public dollars to prop up a neglected neighborhood in an effort by private real estate brokers to gentrify the neighborhood and displace the people who actually live there.


I hope the condo prices rise, looking for 400 a square foot for condos two blocks from the best beach in Miami Dade so we can sell and get the hell outta this so called “special community of artists and immigrants”


Could be….but won’t.