Publicly Owned Parcel B Remains Closed, But Activists Will Try To Open It This Weekend

Local civic groups are trying to draw attention to the plight of Parcel B, a taxpayer-owned waterfront property that remains off limits to the public.

This weekend, activists will hold an unofficial grand opening for a park on the five-acre waterfront lot behind the American Airlines Arena. The event will be held despite the fact that no park is actually planned by the government officials who control the land.

The lot, known as Parcel B, was once pledged to become a soccer field, helping the Miami Heat to win a 1996 vote that secured an arena deal, activists say. It remains closed off nearly 20 years later, although the county rents it out for special events and parking, with the Heat enjoying what the activists call a sweetheart deal to use it.

Politicians have recently been considering using the land for a Cuban museum, angering park advocates.