Qatar Airways MIA Traffic Drops 7% After Emirates Starts FLL Service

How did the new Emirates flight at FLL affect Qatar Airways at MIA?

In January – the first full month of operations for Emirates at FLL, Qatar Airways saw a 7% drop in passengers at MIA compared to January 2016 (although load factors were still relatively high). Qatar’s cargo carry was down about 3 percent.

FLL has not yet released statistics for January. In December, Emirates outbound loads to Dubai were close to 100% – helped by promotional offers on the new flights, while inbound from Dubai loads were below 60 percent (Emirates first flight was on December 15).

Emirates has also quickly became the third biggest cargo carrier at FLL, behind only Fedex and UPS.

MIA and Qatar have since worked to add dedicated cargo flights in an attempt to beat back Emirates. The new flight were inaugurated last month.

According to a source, Emirates never even requested a walk through of MIA’s terminals before announcing FLL Service. The choice of airport was said to be motivated in part by bad blood between Emirates and American Airlines.



emirates first class:

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Emirares is limited at FLL. They won’t be able to fly their B777-300ER or A380, while Qatar at MIA the sky is the limit.


They just said a 7% drop in passengers, but still relatively high load factors. In other words, a 7% drop of a stll high load factor.


Aren’t these airlines subsidized by their respective governments anyhow? So load factors don’t really matter. Or is that just legacy US carrier propaganda…


Music to my ears. Qatar has become the $hy++iest airline from its position as the best airline 3 years ago. They have become total 3rd class. It is a literal torture in their Miami Doha sector and they reduced seat width, recline, cushioning leg room, introduced 4 seat configuration in the middle where they should be no more than 3, cut the food in half, quantity in half, eliminated most snacks they used to lay out between meals in the galley, food is tasteless leather and when complained, the cabin crew say they are helpless as the airline cheaped out in the last couple of years. They can go to hell. I will never travel in this POS airline ever again. I will take the Emirates from FLL.


Some trolls thumbing my post down shows what mindless lemmings they are. Travel in that hell Qatar for 14 hours transported like a caged animal. They packed 300 people with extra seat configuration in that tight space that should hold no more than 200 people. African slaves transported in ship bottom probably had a little more wiggle room than I did. Everything else sucked about it too, food and drink. They cut down everything. Beverage service, snacks, food portion, food quality and so on. I do agree I used to love that airline 3+ years ago. It was indeed worlds 5 star airline as they claimed. But it became a 3rd class airline off late. Avoiding it unless my life depended on going somewhere and this cattle carrier is my only option.