Record-Breaking $60 Million Penthouse At Faena Sold To Kenneth Griffin, Who Grew Up In Boca

The penthouse at Faena House sold for a record-breaking $60 million to billionaire hedge-fund manager Kenneth Griffin, according to the New York Times.

Griffin paid $10 million above the asking price for the unit. The sale was the most expensive ever recorded for a residence in Miami.

This isn’t the only property that Griffin owns in the area. In 2013, he paid $130 million for four properties in Palm Beach, near where he grew up in Boca Raton.

Griffin is one of several billionaires who have purchased units in Faena House. Others include Alan Howard and Lloyd Blankfein, both of whom have already closed, while Leon Black and Larry Gagosian are also rumored to have contracts on units.

Over the last two years, Griffin has also broken real estate records in New York and Chicago, where his fund is based. Earlier this year, he paid $200 million for a condo in New York, setting a new record there. Last year, he paid $30 million for a condo in Chicago, the most expensive real estate purchase in that city’s history.