Redesign Of Marriott Expo Center Complete, Sent To City For Review

MDM has completed and submitted revised plans for the Miami World Expo Center Marriott to city review.

The developer states that the following changes are being proposed to the previously approved plans:

  • Reduce the hotel tower’s height from 636’-4” feet and 54 Stories to 572’-1” feet and 53 Stories
  • Reduce the total number of hotel units from 1,800 to 1,700
  • Redesign of the hotel tower to change it from single massive, curved tower to two separate towers that so as to improve the flow of light and air, and views for hotel guests and neighboring properties
  • Decrease the total number of off-street parking spaces from 1,250 to 1,128 spaces
  • A modification to the primary drop-off area to improve access to a tunnel that will
    allow valet vehicles to avoid having to exit the property
  • A proposal to construct the Project in two phases

The amount of convention and meeting space is not being reduced from the original proposal, according to the developer.

MDM has previously said they are targeting a start date of 1Q 2017 for the redesigned expo center.

The plans are set for review by the Urban Design Review Board next week.