Regalado Files Legislation To Block Innovation Tower, Vote Scheduled For Next Week

Mayor Tomás Regalado is trying to block Michael Simkins’ Miami Innovation Tower, but it is unclear if he will be able to.

Regalado has placed several pieces of legislation on the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board and City Commission agendas next week. They propose to transfer the authority to approve the media tower from the Southeast Overtown/Park West CRA chief to the commission. A separate piece of legislation would place a city moratorium on new permits for Media Towers for 120 days, which would give the city time to rewrite the rules.

Simkins already applied this week to Miami’s building department for permits to install electronic billboards that will cover the towers. His lawyers say that even if Regalado’s legislation is approved, it wouldn’t apply, since the permits are already being processed.

The Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board will review Regalado’s legislaion on June 23, followed by the city commission on June 25. The CRA is scheduled to review the tower on June 29.

Simkins told the Herald that he hopes to begin work in June of 2016.