Related Group & Arquitectonica Submit Plans For First Wynwood Project

Related Group and Block Capital Group (operating as Wynwood 26th Street Owner LLC) have submitted plans to build a project called Wynwood 26, located at 51 Northwest 26 Street.

Project architect Arquitectonica describes the design:

Wynwood 26 is a multi-family residential building located mid-block along 26th street and 27th street. Without a strong apartment building vernacular style in Wynwood, this project aims to create a new residential typology for the neighborhood while respecting its industrial roots. The square courtyard building in plan includes ground floor retail, a cross-block paseo, and 174 apartments on levels two through five with a courtyard and rooftop. Parking is neatly concealed in the mezzanine level, not visible to the exterior. The structural grid and slabs of the building are showcased and regularly spaced as expected from its predecessors. A metal canopy with structural stays provide the sidewalk with protection from the elements. On the upper levels, the apartments have Juliet balconies, which keeps the facade of the building clean and flat, while the grid-like operable windows recall an industrial aesthetic and playfully shift along the length of the facade. The flat facade ideally serves as a backdrop for panels, which gradually change in color from east to west, with a break where the residential lobby is located.

The 1.21-acre property is zoned for 150 residential units per acre, and the developer is proposing 174 units.  Total FLR of 238,495 square feet includes 36,300 square feet of commercial space.

Zoning calls for 254 parking spaces, but the developer is asking for a waiver to build 75 fewer spaces than required by paying into the Wynwood Parking Trust Fund.

Miami’s Urban Design Review Board will review the plans this month.


full plans:


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Yawn. Wynwood is sooo yesterday. ” We ” have all moved on. ” We are in Lemon City now, aka Little Haiti. Stop by for a 50 cent cup of coffee and a beer for a $1.50.




Where can I do that?


I love how everyone is so quick to criticize in here. Yet most have probably never developed a site in their lives. As for Wynwood being, “so yesterday”, its actually about to all come together with the resi component. Keep bashing the developers while you sit behind your computers and bring nothing to this city. = )


I think most are bashing the designers, not the developers.


Next up is a starbucks and orange theory. Here goes my neighborhood.


Some of those unit floor plans are moronic. Wasted and misused space everywhere. Bedrooms without windows.


Then add that they only have two elevators on one side of the building.


I was about to say the same thing. 8 of the units on each floor have bedrooms without windows. I’m don’t think that is even legal. Shouldn’t they remove the walls? Would those spaces be considered dens? Very crappy design work in my opinion.


I am not an architect, can someone clarify the heck is a ‘Juliet balcony’?


its a balcony that doesn’t have a step out. So its only a sliding door with a railing in front of it.


the lack of balcony sounds luxurious…


It’s a term from set design, taken from Romeo and Juliet. It is basically a door-sized window with railings. They don’t add anything…


All the wealthy artists will really love Wynwood. now.


Architectonica moving into a design neighborhood. Oh, joy.


Over a decade and a half of doing Real Estate and I have never heard the request “no balcony please” from a client. And no, a Juliet balcony is not a balcony.


there goes the neighborhood….this building is whack!


They copied from an industrial conversion in Jersey City.
No creativity….