Related Group CEO Jorge Perez Reveals Who He’s Voting For, Says Low Income Housing Has Been ‘Decimated’ Under Trump

Jorge Perez has made it known that he wants you to vote for Joe Biden.

The Related Group founder made his opinion known in a Government Business Leader Roundtable video released by the Biden campaign on Facebook last week.

Among the reasons listed by Perez against Donald Trump was the issue of affordable housing.

Related Group got its start by developing low-income housing and, continues to remain a big player in the field. Perez said that low-income housing has been “totally decimated” under Trump’s presidency.

Trump “does not care at all about affordable housing,” Perez said.

Perez said that he knows Trump “very, very, very well. ” Related co-developed oceanfront condos in Sunny Isles that licensed the Trump name.

Perez said that Trump getting into politics was “the worst thing for this country,” and that Trump didn’t provide any leadership as president.

According to Perez, Trump had asked him to build the border wall and to be HUD Secretary. Perez declined the offers.

“Donald Trump cares about one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump,” Perez said. “I think Trump is a man without ideals. He’s a man that self-interest has always led him. And he continues to do this, he doesn’t listen.”

Perez is a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in the last election.