Related Group Will Pay For Biscayne Line To Be Built In Edgewater

Related Group is willing to finance the cost of building the Biscayne Line, President Carlos Rosso told Ocean Drive.

In an interview, Rosso said that CEO Jorge Perez ‘wants to give back.’ The walkway would also help the company to sell more condos, Rosso said.

Since 1979, Florida law requires that new projects set aside 20-feet of waterfront space for public access, enough to build the project. In order to bypass several older properties along the three-mile route that don’t have the space set aside yet, backers are looking at ‘outside of the box’ ideas from UM students, such as a floating walkway.

Melo Group which owns property along the route, is also on board, and has agreed to turn over an area for the walkway even before starting a new project there.

Eventually, the walkway could include up to 12 miles, stretching from the Julia Tuttle Causeway up to and including the shores of the Miami River.