Report: Beckham Days Away From Announcing Deal To Buy Land For Soccer Stadium

David Beckham will announce that he and his partners have finalized a deal to buy land next to Marlins Stadium within days, according to Mayor Regalado.

Part of the property needed for a soccer stadium could be acquired through eminent domain, the Herald reported. The land could be purchased by the city and eventually be owned by the county, so that the group could avoid paying property tax. A city of Miami referendum is tentatively planned for March.

A Dade commissioner is also pushing a plan that could help build Metromover to the stadium. Under the proposal, the area surrounding the stadium would be declared blighted, and a CRA would be created to funnel property taxes towards construction of the Metromover line.




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Wow. Those are two huge stadiums squeezed onto tiny little lots.

Meanwhile, what do you all think are the odds that Metromover will actually be extended to the stadiums? I think it’s a great idea, but until someone says that Beckham is paying for it, I remain skeptical.


Having lived in Miami since the 1990’s and knowing how politics work in this city, I am going to go with 20% on the Metromover expansion, and that is mostly wishful thinking because I like soccer.


I will be shocked if they actually go through with expanding the MM.


Unfortunately, it makes no sense to expand the metromover for what could, at best, be seen as high demand on only some days (when games are played). On the majority of days where no games take place it would be nothing but an expensive toy that goes through suburbs between the stadiums and downtown.

It would, however, make sense if there was an accompanying upzoning along the proposed route to allow for transit oriented development around the stations.


I think they are trying to upzone that particular area but they’re being opposed by some local activists trying to keep the status quo.


A metro mover would definitely be used, try riding a bus from downtown to 17 ave on 7th street. It’s always packed.


Little Havana is a high density area by Miami standards. It would do well to be served by Metromover or light rail. I just hope that it’s a neighborhood line that just happens to serve a stadium and not the other way. Agree that the chance of it happening is really slim. I’m assuming it’d come from the Government center with a sizable bridge over 95 and Miami River? Has anyone else seen any kind of proposal for the actual route?

East Little Havana Taxpaying Homeowner

Flagler Street is zoned T-6-12 all the way from downtown to the stadium and is currently a ghost of what it should be. This corridor should be thriving and needs to be connected to the urban core and developed with transit oriented affordable income housing to supplement all the luxury East of I-95.

I also believe that the stadium complex needs to be connected via mass transit to the new Miami Central and Gov’t Center train stations to allow the Tri-County access to the stadium without a car.

I came across this metromover expansion study online showing the Little Havana extension. Can anyone reading this verify the document:


I saw online that the Metromover expansion would paid for by establishing a community redevelopment district, but there was some discussion that it may not happen, as the county is writing it. We shall see.

As for your MPO document, I was happy to see that people have thought about Metromover expansion before, even if no one has moved to make it happen. Very cool.


The north and the west metro mover extensions in that study would be great. I don’t the south extension would be used as much. It’s not very pedestrian in south Brickell


And the crowd goes mild.


Eventually someone will stand up against these politicians? Right?? Please?? Miami has a chance to become something great, and the people in charge of this growth are clueless. Mini side note: All of Bayfront Park should be re-done.


Doesn’t marlins park have adjacent parking garages- one presumably being built over by the new Beckham stadium according to the rendering?

In any event, I’m hoping for some sort of metro expansion there…but I think for the area to truly take off, there would have to be developers taking an interest and building venues that would be targeted towards sports fans and not so much a billionaire and not so much abuelita either.


Build it and they will come…..


No there are still the 4 parking podiums visible in the pic.


the city does nothing about horrible north/south biscayne fraffic north of downtown, while upzoning so things are guaranteed to get much worse (and adding free “trolleys”, which are a band-aid from the comprehensive plan needed). but, work a stadium deal out and they want to move metromover there before pushing formetromover in high density areas where it is needed 24/7 … only in miami could politicians get away with that rip off of our taxes


The land is tiny.


That is a tight squeeze. Aren’t there more land options than that??


Wow, this whole deal stinks from top to bottom.

It’s a shame the city couldn’t have stalled them even longer so that they would have to do this whole thing privately or risk losing their franchise.