Report: Beckham And UM Working On A Stadium Next To Marlins Park, With A New Metromover Loop

Major League Soccer, the University of Miami, and Dade County officials could soon announce plans for a 40,000-seat soccer stadium next to Marlins Stadium, including a Metromover loop to the site, Southern Legion is reporting.

Dade commissioner Bruno Barreiro will soon release a plan to extend the Metromover, Southern Legion said. The new loop would extend west from Government Center through a densely populated area, before turning north to a new stop between Marlins Stadium and the new soccer stadium. The plan is said to have strong support from both commissioners and residents.

How much would it cost for a new Metromover loop? Dade recently built the the 1.2-mile MIA Mover, a similar elevated light-rail system, for $270 million, including the cost to acquire trains. A new line to Marlins Stadium would be nearly 2 miles.

Joint negotiations between UM and Beckham’s camp over the shared stadium went well, Southern Legion says, and an announcement is expected within weeks.

Beckham’s wife was also spotted in the Design District earlier this week looking at blueprints.