Resorts World Signs Deal For Marina At Herald Property

Resorts World Miami just inked a deal that hints they may be proceeding with development of a portion of the project.

On June 30, the company acquired a permit to build a marina with 20 boat slips behind the former Miami Herald property for an undisclosed price.

The seller of the rights (issued by DERM,) is Miami River Marina, LLC, controlled by Finlay B. Matheson. The Matheson family donated the land for Crandon Park and Matheson Hammock Park to Dade County.

Miami River Marina received the DERM permit in October 2015 for a property on the Miami River at 1995 Northwest 11 Street.

The DERM rights are transferable, and were assigned to be used for a marina at the Herald property following the close of the transaction.

Resort World’s Marina will include a public baywalk that extends underneath I-395 connecting to Museum Park, Miami Today reported in February.

Also last month, Resorts World began the permitting process to build a wood fence. The city denied the application last week over concerns that a portion of the fence would “wing” over the water, and because Miami 21 forbids wood fences.