Resorts World Talks To Miami-Dade Mayor About Investing In Baylink

Could Resorts World Miami help pay for Baylink?

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and Genting CEO Lim Kok Thay discussed a possible investment by the company in Baylink at an event last week, Gimenez told the Herald.

The meeting took place on a Genting-owned cruise ship docked off Hong Kong. Two receptions were held by Genting on the cruise ships for visiting Miami-Dade officials.

Gimenez also visited mainland China to see the “virtual” trackless train, but came away unimpressed. Another visiting commissioner who rode it said it is essentially a bus that looks like a train.

Gimenez did say that he was now more interested in Monorail, which is much cheaper to build and operate than heavy rail.