Resorts World Trades Land With The Florida Department of Transportation

Resorts World Miami executed a land swap with the Florida Department of Transportation last month.

As part of the deal, Resorts World turned over 4,482 square feet of property to FDOT. Also included were all rights of ingress, egress, light, air and view between Resort World’s remaining property and any facility constructed on the newly exchanged property. FDOT is working on plans for signature bridge there.

At the same time, FDOT signed over  about 607 square feet of land to Resorts World.

Paperwork for the deal was signed for by Edward Farrell, president of Resorts World Bimini and Miami. Farrell was appointed to the position a year ago. At the time of his appointment, Farrell said that he would ‘focus on developing Resorts World Bimini into the most convenient integrated resort island in the Caribbean for the South Florida market.’


Newly added to Resorts World: