Restaurant Complex Called Brickell Bay Boardwalk Proposed Behind Four Ambassadors

A restaurant and retail complex called Brickell Bay Boardwalk is proposed to be built along the baywalk in the heart of Brickell.

Under the proposal, the blank walls along behind the Four Ambassadors condo complex will be opened up, and up to four restaurant or retail spaces will be built.

In total, 26,963 square feet of space is offered over two levels, including an existing restaurant space.

Guests  will be able to access the property without going through the Four Ambassadors.

The baywalk itself is broken at the site, ending at the Brickell Key bridge. To continue towards the Miami River, pedestrians must cross a busy street, and only then can they continue on the baywalk.

Fabio Faerman is the broker.



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keep the restaurants and bulldoze the four very very ugly towers…


I came here looking to write down my thoughts and saw your comment. You took the words out of my mouth. I feel exactly the same way. How I wish some rich developer would buy out these buildings and put something iconic in their place. They are old, ugly, and an eye-sore. I lived there for one year and would never go back.

Please dont yell

Wish i could give you 10 thumbs up…. Honestly such a nice location….. Such potential!!!! why Miami why!!


Hard to believe someone built bayfront residences in Miami with no balconies.


I like it. Very nice. I’ll go there for lunch on my Jetski.


Demolish the whole thing and start over.


Location could not be better.. do it.


It looks like the car is going to hit that poor blind girl


So the baywalk can’t be contiguous under the bridge?


you would have to crawl…. It a very low bridge


Are there any plans to build out the baywalk under the bridge so people can actually walk along the water’s edge from up the Miami River to I-95?


Th author makes it sound as if this is a big deal. It’s not. The baywalk just jogs a little… then there is a crosswalk for pedestrians. It has been open for years. It is temporily closed for the construction of these retail spaces.


for world record Limbo performers


The restaurant should be called the Garage.

I guess someone forgot to mention to the broker that the “boardwalk” itself is public space heavily trafficked by joggers and pet walkers. Cheers.


At 1:22 at the end of the video, the souther portion shows the facade peeled back creating a covered outdoor patio feel. This is fantastic and activates the baywalk so well!!! At the northern portion the tables and chairs on the bay walk itself should not be allowed.

Miami Hurricane

Is it just me, or did the voiceover sound like a bot?


The four towers can only be demolished if a developer can convince the vast majority of condo owners to sell. Don’t hold your breath.

Miami Hurricane

Long overdue. As nice as it is to have clear sidewalks for Brickell Key runs, there is not enough waterfront bar/dining (in Brickell, for those who will point to Bayside).

Yohan Perez

4 Embarrassments


The baywalk from the Brickell Key bridge down past Jade condos is the best located, unutilized property in all of Miami. There is nothing along there, rather empty and desolate feeling. The area could / should be utilized like Brookfield Place in Battery Park NYC. This would be a nice start, but like others, would obviously prefer that entire property torn down and rebuilt.