Revealed: 45-Story Mixed-Use Tower At Lynx Site

Another mixed-use tower is being planned in downtown Miami.

Trammell Crow Residential has been working on approvals for a project at 16 Southeast 2nd Street, a document obtained by The Next Miami shows.

If approved, the tower would rise 43 stories, or 483 feet above ground. It appears to include mostly residential use, with ground floor retail.

The proposed building would occupy just the western portion of the lot next to the Third Street Metromover Station, taking up less than half of the Lynx site, another document shows. The remainder of the property (across from Miami Tower) would be free to be developed with a tower that could potentially be as tall as 1,049 feet, the maximum permitted by the FAA.

A surface parking lot has been operating on the site for decades. In the early 2000s, a mixed-use project called Lynx was proposed for the site, designed by Pei Partners and Chad Oppenheim.

Stantec is the architect for the new proposal.


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About as good as you could expect. Its between a one way street (2nd st heads westbound) and freeway on-ramps, next to a fed-ex shipping center. This will be a rental so will be 43 stories of real people and it leaves open the slightly more desireable eastern half of the lot for something of more substance. At least its right next to a metromover station. And maybe this getting built is a catalyst for the other western CBD projects that have lingered for years.


Precisely. You’re not going to see the Taj Mahal at this location. The hedge fund owner is taking some chips off the table by flipping this part of the lot to TCR for apartments, and keeping optionality with the remainder of the lot. Maybe something more interesting will come there. Cheers.


All those are excuses. Plenty of solid development happens on one-way streets, the ramps are proposed to be removed, Fed-Ex Shipping Center was sold and might be redeveloped, and the other half of the block is worse because it’s encroached by a mess of Metromover tracks. It’s simply another half-assed eyesore like Monarc at Met3, by a developer opportunistically taking advantage of the incompetence city leaders convey every day, from approving every waiver against Miami21 for ugly hodgepodge buildings with minimal planning, to having no outlook for the city in two decades, let alone two days.


Same Crap design


Although glad to see a parking lot converted to a building, the design is simply pathetic.


Heck I don’t care, the design doesn’t bother me. That piece of land has been sitting there vacant for so long and I’m glad something like this is going to be built on it.

Frank Gehry



Prime location downtown, yet we get a base of a parking garage with painted stucco.

If we want to attract Amazon, look no further than downtown Seattle. Surely it’s not a vertical suburb full of parking garage bases?


Seattle does not have to deal with freakin hurricanes!! We cannot have the same architecture as them. The blank wall is probably because of a future project that will be adjacent to this one…design us something better and put up the money to build it..shish!!


They have earthquakes. What does the garage have to do with hurricanes? Anyway, if that’s what you’re concerned about, having all glass buildings is probably not best.


What does this design have to do with the fact that we have to deal with hurricanes?


I think he means the garages can flood under a worst case scenario hurricane whereas having a building will no garage will flood the building itself. I think that’s what he means. It’s also probably for planning for when the area is underwater in a few decades or so.


“Planning for when the area is underwater in a few decades or so?” Sorry, I didn’t catch the proposal for self-driving gondolas.


Seattle ? Seriously? Lol. With Earthquakes marked by several fault lines including the Seattle fault, also 5 active volcanos in Washington state alone.


Not a great design but when compared to all the Melo garbage being thrown up it is a great design.


Better than nothing


Stantec is back to their cheap and nasty shifty balconies and windows, and boring box with a giant parking garage. We need design guidelines for when the freeway ramps are taken down, or just in general…

City Commissioner

I can’t understand how everyone is trashing this Building design but are love the next post.

It’s essentially the same building just presented in a Render rather than a drawing.


no way! they are different. The silhouette in Missoni is much purer geometrically. this building here is broken up.


At least Missoni Baia has clean lines and is consistent, compared to crap like this proposed right in the middle of the CBD.


Its all glass not shitty stucco.


Not only is it a same crap design, it is only 483 feet tall! I would like to see at a minimum 700 feet at this site! Anyone here can say economics dictates what gets built, but it will sell like always and as skyscraper enthusiasts, we can hope for a 1000 + building!